Friday, January 30, 2009

Activity: Cool Summer Fest, 2007

‘Cool Summer Fest 2007’ : In Detail

This is the first field activity of SY. On March 25, 2007 at IIT Bombay, SY, jointly with Research Scholars Forum, IIT Bombay has organized India’s first Symposium cum Technical Festival on Solution for Global Warming. It was designed combining excitement and spirit of the game of cricket and seriousness of the game of scientific research to encourage interdisciplinary innovation to solve environmental problems like Global Warming. And now, most likely, next year Institute’s Yearly Technical Fest , Techfest that is Asia’s biggest technical carnival as well, will be based on Global Warming.

The program started with a positive yet skeptic note from Associate Dean R&D Prof. K.K. Kurien. However its jumped in to vibrant mode when Prof. Anand Rao opened his talk on “Threat and Opportunities of Global Warming”. The presentation on big screen does not only shown the reliable statistics, it demonstrated the whole paradigm of the issue of Climate Change and Global initiatives taken till date. This ended with the urge to do something using the opportunities to save this unique habitat in the universe.

Immediately after the first of the three lecture series, the competitions started. Field Games and Poster Competition started simultaneously. Whereas Idea-Research-Innovation, the fast track environmental problem solution game began at little late. Every competition was full of excitement to enjoy the fun out of environmental issues. Field Game was there to create awareness about using alternate energy sources like solar energy and the way to get maximum energy by following simple engineering tricks. For poster competition, we received 18 posters from different departments . Former IIT director and Atomic Energy Board Chairman, Prof. S.P. Sukhatme and HOD, CESE, Prof. S.R. Asolekar had long chat and vibrant discussion with the poster presenters before the judgment.


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